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What is a pre-travel health consultation?
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Do I need a consultation with a travel health expert
before getting my vaccines?

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Will insurance cover the cost of the visit and vaccines?

Can you help prepare families, children and student travelers?


Learn how Traveler's Medical Service, the expert resource for travel medicine services, can help prepare you for an upcoming trip.

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What is a pre-travel health consultation?


The complete pre-travel consultation offered by Traveler's Medical Service provides you with a personalized travel health risk profile and expert recommendations about vaccines and other measures to help you stay well during travel. During the pre-travel consultation, our travel health experts will review destination specific information with you and tailor vaccine and other recommendations, such as malaria prevention options, to your specific itinerary and health history. We take the time to address your questions; help you to make informed vaccine decisions, and provide you with the information you need to stay well on your trip.

By the completion of the pre-travel consultation, you will be appropriately vaccinated, educated and have a customized packet of information to refer to including an official vaccination record to keep with your travel documents.

More details on what to expect during a complete
pre-travel consultation >>

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