Adventure and "Back-pack" Travelers

If you are seeking the road less traveled, adventure travel or will be traveling on a budget, there may be increased health concerns and preparation needs.

Many parts of the world that have rapidly developed or are still developing may have variable levels of modern services available in urban areas; however standards of health, sanitation and safety may be more limited in rural and remote areas. Health risks may be increased due to higher exposures to contaminated water, insects, travel on poorly maintained roads and other factors such as high altitude. Being well informed before you leave on your trip is very important.

Traveler’s Medical Service helps travelers to anticipate what they might expect on the road and provides guidance on important measures to help keep you well during travel. We also give you advice on medical-evacuation services that may be critical if you get ill in a remote or poorly served location. Our travel health experts have all spent time traveling in developing areas, and off the beaten track. In addition to having the knowledge and expertise you need, we have also “walked the walk” and appreciate the importance of the extra measures needed to stay well in challenging situations.

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