Traveling Families, Children and Students

Traveler’s Medical Service is one of the few travel medicine practices, in the NYC area, with services for families and children of all ages. Our clinical staff is experienced with providing vaccines and counseling for the unique needs of young travelers and students participating in study abroad and travel programs.

Children and student travelers may be at higher risk for exposure to some diseases and conditions. Parents appreciate the extra time and attention we give to help ensure that the special travel health needs of children and student travelers are anticipated and appropriately addressed.

We provide all travel vaccines for children; however we do not offer routine pediatric vaccines. In most cases children and young students are up to date with their routine vaccines from their pediatrician. We can confirm vaccine status and work together with pediatricians as necessary. Traveler’s Medical Service will focus on the travel related vaccines and specific health concerns for the trip; areas that pediatricians may not be able to assist with in detail.

We recommend contacting Traveler’s Medical Service as soon as possible once a trip is scheduled. One of our travel health nurses will be pleased to speak to parents in advance to help plan for the appropriate pre-travel consultation level.

Please contact us for more information on our special services for families, youth and student travelers.