The Well Prepared Traveler

The Well Prepared Traveler is more than ready (well-prepared) for travel.  Informed of itinerary specific health risks and provided with customized solutions, including appropriate vaccinations, to reduce and manage risk, these travelers are best prepared to stay well during travel.

Whether you are planning the trip of a life time,  an important business trip, a journey to your home country or going off the beaten path, staying well during travel involves  more than being vaccinated.   The expert and experienced clinicians at Traveler’s Medical Service appreciate how important it is for you to receive relevant advice and personalized preparation.   We take the time to get to know about you, your travel plans and explain the risks and benefits of vaccines and other recommendations.   This personalized approach to the care we offer is the foundation for all of the services we deliver to help you begin your trip well prepared.

If you are interested in setting up a corporate or consulting level Well Prepared Traveler Program, contact our New York office for more information.