International Volunteers and Longterm Travelers

If you will be traveling overseas to volunteer or work, for a prolonged visit or to live long-term there are special considerations and levels of preparation to consider.

Some vaccines, such as rabies, Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis B, are more likely to be recommended as long term and rural travel may increase your exposure risk. Malaria risk may be higher and exposure to other illnesses and conditions may be greater depending on where you will be living, your accommodations, activities etc.

Traveler’s Medical Service will work with you to understand the particular nature of your trip and situation so we can provide you with the most focused advice and recommendations. We work directly with many relief and humanitarian organizations to help ensure that their staff and volunteers are well prepared for the challenges of their assignments. If you will be traveling on your own for work or to volunteer, the experience we have in assisting organizations and corporations, can be very valuable in helping you to prepare for your upcoming assignment.

One of travel health nurses will be glad to speak with you in advance of your appointment to help you understand the level of preparation that may be indicated for your project or assignment. Contact us for more information.