Business Travelers and Corporate Programs

Getting sick or injured during a work-related trip can be costly on many levels for both the employee and employer. If you are traveling for work or planning for the needs of employees who travel, the appropriate pre-travel medical preparation is essential.

Traveler’s Medical Service staff and physicians have many years of experience working and consulting with a wide range of global and international companies and organizations. We offer various levels of corporate programs to help address the particular needs of travelers and employers in an ever-changing global environment. These programs are designed to assess potential travel health risks and provide personalized advice on disease prevention, vaccinations, and travel safety information. In addition, Traveler’s Medical Service can customize services to meet the more specialized needs of business travelers and organizations.

  • Pre-travel consultations and vaccinations
  • On-site (client location) pre-travel programs
  • Executive and pre-deployment physicals
  • Customized traveler’s medical kits
  • Guidance on medical-evacuation services
  • Post-travel screening and physicals
  • Fast track and last minute appointments
  • Corporate billing accounts
  • Development & management of travel medical programs

These services are available to individuals or may be coordinated on a broader level to fit into existing corporate travel policies.

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs regarding an upcoming trip or the broader needs of your organization and learn more about the ways we can help to prepare for healthy, safe and productive travel.